Friday, February 17, 2017


Cellul@&%$.......  sure everyone hates it!  90% of women have it.

3 factors create cellulite-- excess body fat, sluggish circulation and water retention.  Because of these 3, it causes connective tissue beneath your skin to weaken and fall.  THEN, that's when the fat is able to push against your skin forming dimples.

FIRST OFF, having it doesn't mean you are overweight!  I know very thin people with it.  But being overweight does make it worse.  The more fat you have the more stress you are putting on the connective tissue and then bulging in the weak spots occurs.

If nothing is done about it, skin begins to lose its elasticity and the bulges become more visible.  What can we do about it then?

Of course: water.water.water (helps release excess fluid) AND clean. eating. We all know that.  A good diet/balance of P, F and C.  That's the hard part....for me anyway.  But a way I help myself immensely because perfect eating is hard would be STRENGTH TRAINING!

Muscle training, in particular, develops muscle to help iron out the appearance of cellulite.  If you leave your muscles weak they stay weak and soft/flabby.  The fat will rest on top of that muscle and there you have to lumpy look.  Grow your muscles and smooth it out.  At the same time you are tightening the skin and then cellulite is less noticeable.   Also when you exercise/train, you get blood flowing to trouble areas.  Your fat cells need blood flow to get them moving along their way.  #Fithappens  #cellulite

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