Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We all want it NOW!

This....... We want perfectly clear and VISIBLE results 100% of the time in the shortest time frame possible.  It's a problem why so many easily give up or rebound on weight loss that was lost too fast.  We are so hooked on "diets" because they give such rapid results....at least the first few times.  But with each diet it can actually take you further and further away from results you are chasing.  Short bouts of dieting can negatively affect your metabolism.

So any quick fix, cutting out sugar for a month, 30 day this or that, juice cleanse, detox etc..... there are so many out there.  Yes, you may end up weighing less after any given diet but it's a scary metabolic game that you don't want to play, and will likely never win.

I never like to say I'm on a diet.  I probably eat more calories when I'm doing my thing vs when I fall off the wagon.  The difference is WHAT I'm eating.  So the approach of eating less and working out more... DOES. NOT. WORK. LONG. TERM.  It actually has a failure rate of 95%.

Yes, I have gained weight over the last year and I got soft.  But I've always been smart about going back on track and doing my thing, so that when I fall off I'm not gaining back the 20+ I gained in college #didisaythatoutloud  going back on track for me isn't DRASTIC or a quick fix.  I still eat my yogurt land and tacos.  It's something I can do forever.  It works for me.  

SO all that said, I'm back on track but I don't expect to see honest results for a long while.  I'm hoping I catch the tail end of Summer if that!  It takes hard freaking work.  Time.  Effort.  and mostly PATIENCE!  But it's a lifestyle I can live and enjoy.  It's like I tell people who ask me about "diets" ..... if you can't see yourself doing it for months or years then RUN.  Don't even start!  You'll just waste your time.

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