Thursday, February 16, 2017



Cottage Cheese
Pretzel Thins

Yes this might be a little higher in Sodium.  We all hear and know about the cons of sodium.  But lets talk about the pros of sodium.

Sodium helps with muscle contraction and transmitting nerve signals.
Helps regulate blood pressure and blood volume.
Helps with overall balance of bodily fluid.
Helps sustain a regular blood PH level.  Which is a very important indicator of health.

So don't freak out over sodium too much.  It does come with some good.  It would be a different story if you had high sodium meals one after another and sat around all day.  I sweat A LOT when I work out....another reason why I don't worry too much.  I'm also not stepping on a stage anytime soon.  Just a mom who needs food so everyone stays alive and happy. #fithappens

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