Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I can not stress enough how true this statement is.  Nutrition MUST come first and then what we do with our bodies physically comes second.  You CAN NOT out train a bad diet.  You just can't.  Even doing good all week long to have a few cheat meals and treats on the weekend will not help you get results you are after.  I always wonder for myself if I could just keep on going with my healthy eating through the weekends…..the body I COULD have.  Cheat meals are very important in a diet and exercise program for sure.  They are actually a MUST!  1-2 cheat meals a week is what is recommended.  For some and myself it is hard for me to keep my weekend to one cheat meal.  Like a Saturday night dinner and THE END.  Often my cheat begins with a little of this and a little of that throughout the day then comes my actual "cheat meal" then it kind of lingers into the next day of just a little of this and a little of that………you know what I am talking about!  This has been me for years.  I am still trying to figure out my calorie intake so that when I have a couple cheat meals too many my body is not going to cling on to the extra stuff.  Or figure it out so that I don't feel deprived and craving all that junk.  But I know it is hard.  Weekends are supposed to be a good time.  Good times usually involve food, they just do!  We need to live our life and be happy and do the things we want to do without feeling bad about ourselves.  All things in moderation I guess.

I just know from a personal stand point how true this statement is and this is really a huge reminder to me.  I work to damn hard physically striving to get that body of my dreams to let weekend after weekend keep me from getting results I am after.  

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