Friday, May 2, 2014

Fat Burning Stack

If you are training hard and doing what it takes with you workouts and fitness, these are my products to help get results quicker and aid you along the way.  So what do these do?

*SuperHD- thermogenic (raises your core temperature), suppresses appetite, gives focus and ENERGY!

*CLK- contains raspberry ketones which support natural energy and fat loss, boosts metabolism, contains a natural thermogenic, reduces fatigue and hunger.

*BCAAs/ALPHA AMINOS- reduces muscle soreness, helps give muscle endurance.  Alpha Aminos are a hydration blend to keep you hydrated and give you endurance along with muscle endurance.  

I use all 3 of these products.  I love the powder HD better than the capsules.  I love the energy I get from it and it total improves my mood.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE BCAAs and Alpha Aminos for the reason I mentioned above.

Feel free to email me: for other questions about supplements.

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