Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't be mislead by Magazines!

Wouldn't it be so nice if it were as easy as magazines make it look to get fit?!?

"How I Got Thin…. Tricks to Instant Weightloss… Diet Food that's Actually Tasty…How Stars Lose Belly Fat FAST!"

Those headlines are all on ONE cover!  So there we are checking out in the line at the grocery store reading this stuff and it definitely gets your attention and sounds great right???  But we all forget that nothing comes that easy.  Weightloss is NOT instant!  Belly fat is STUBBORN and doesn't go FAST.  For some it can but for others it can take months even years to get stubborn fat to cooperate.  People are led to believe that diet food is bland and tasteless.  Good wholesome food can taste fabulous if you ask me.  Yes, a big ol' Cookie tastes better than a bowl of broccoli but I can honestly say I would rather have a yummy piece of salmon, asparagus and a sweet potato.  That to me is delicious!!!

Other titles that caught my eye:

"Get a Flat Tummy in 7 Days… Flat Abs Made Easy…Get Back in Shape-See Results in 7 Days…2 Mins to Flatter Abs"

Belly area seems to be a problem for many.  My problem area is my outer thighs.  If you can get a flat tummy in 7 days then I am going to follow this rule and say it should make my outer thighs small in 7 days too right?!  To get a flat tummy in 7 days I would think it would have to start out pretty flat in the first place.  Yes, you most definitely can feel better and feel great after a good 7 days of eating healthy and working out for sure! You can even lose 1-2 pounds of fat in a week but chances of that fat coming straight off your stomach or your outer thighs are not very likely.  I am STILL fighting stubborn outer thigh fat.  It gets smaller over consistency and time but not in 7 days!  I have been going after that area for many many years. 

Most of these magazines that highlight the belly are usually full of ab exercises.  You won't get abs from exercise.  You will get abs from healthy whole foods.  Fat off your midsection has to be lost for those abs to show from all those crunches you have been doing.  Diet is the key to abs, not a thousand crunches every other day.  A flat tummy comes from good nutrition, consistency of good nutrition, and time!

"So Long, Cellulite…Walk Your Butt Off…Lose Weight and Get Sculpted Fast…Snack Your Way Slim"

There are a lot of key words in these titles to catch your eye for sure.  *Cellulite *butt off  *walk *lose weight *get sculpted *FAST.  That is one thing that would sure be nice if all these things could just happen FAST!!!  If it were only that easy.  If you have ever gotten into a fitness journey, I would bet most would agree that nothing about this stuff happens FAST!  Any magazine that claims you can get results "quick" or "fast" in regards to weightloss is misleading you.  Sure they can offer great tips and advice but remember it takes dedication and consistency of those tips/advice to actually get the results it's claiming. 

"Walk your butt off"…..There is nothing wrong with walking.  Great cardio and great for your heart.  I hope to be walking everyday up until the day I die.  But if you're expecting to use that as your only form of exercise in hopes to sculpt you a better body and get lean, you will be disappointed.  Walking is a great tool to start with if you are beginning.  But if you continue to walk your butt off then that is exactly what will happen.  You will have no butt.  Flat pancakes.  Our bodies adapt and make things easy for us that were once hard.  Sculpting your body takes resistance.  Wether it comes from bodyweight exercises or actually holding weight, force and resistance is what makes our muscles change and grow.  Which is what gives you that sculpted look I believe most are after.  So go ahead and walk but then STOP and do some body weight squats and lunges.  We should want to keep our butts nice and round!  Keep some muscle on that butt, DON'T walk it off!

"Snacking your way slim"…..  Well if you can manage to pull off 1500+ calories of snacks then maybe.  Our bodies need nutrition and lots of it.  Our bodies rely on us to feed it adequate amount of calories to fuel it properly so it can turn into a fat burning machine.  Starving it with snacks all day long is only setting you up for weight re-gain and very low energy and a messed up metabolism.  Now don't get me wrong, I have 3-4 snacks everyday!  These snacks come in between 2-4 meals.  Snacks are great for an energy boost, keeps you from snacking on the wrong things later in the day, can keep you filling satisfied etc….. but snacking your way slim, I wouldn't do it.  Fuel your body and EAT!

Cellulite….I have it and probably always will.  However, I will say that I have less cellulite when I started to pick up some weights and challenge myself.  Some people are blessed with having no cellulite.  Some people have more than others.  We can for sure shrink those fat cells through proper nutrition to make cellulite appear less and then grow some muscle to keep those fat cells from coming back and being more visible.  

ANYWAYS, magazines CAN give great examples of exercises, meals, tips and advice to help you reach your goals.  I love magazines because sometimes it sure is nice to sit down and relax with a good magazine.  Especially pool side now that Summer is coming up but just remember to be smarter than those catchy headlines!  
Nothing worth having comes EASY or FAST!!!

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