Thursday, May 8, 2014

But by the evening I'm like…...

Who else does this happen to?  When this happens to me it is most likely because:

1- I didn't drink enough water throughout my day.

2- I didn't eat a big enough breakfast or lunch.

3- I didn't have good hearty carbs in my breakfast or lunch.  I try and taper off my carbs (not veggies) after my midday snack.  I choose to get them early so my body has time to burn them off before bedtime.  I NEVER cut out carbs.  Carbs such as: rice, sweet potatoes, bread, oats, etc…. is what gives us the energy we need for our day.  It is what fuels my morning workouts.  

If the above picture is ever you, maybe ask yourself if your breakfast contained any carbs or did it have enough calories?  Same with lunch.  Also look at your water intake.  Maybe try some of these things out and see if you can keep feeling more satisfied and less snacky as the evening rolls around.  

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