Saturday, February 1, 2014

They Will Find You…..

Working out is important to me.  It does so much for emotionally.  If I am happy then the fam is happy right?!  I make sure this happens first thing every morning.  Yes, I sacrifice sleep over it but to me it's worth it.  Now that I have done this for years, early AM workouts are no big deal.  You WILL get use to it!!! I am home everyday before the family is out of bed.  Even on the weekends!  I choose to workout when kids can not be involved!  If I tried to workout at home this picture would definitely be my situation.  

Luckily, I have my husband home so I can leave in the mornings.  If you don't have a gym membership and workout from home, I suggest waking up early to get it out of the way or wait until the kids go to bed at nights.  Unless you like them crawling on you mid sit up then you are a good mom and have great patience.  I even recommend not relying on the daycare if your gym offers it.  Even then you are rushed and hoping when the intercom starts talking that it isn't you being called out to the daycare (this has happened to me….or when the daycare staff come out and you see them walking through the gym you literally want to hide behind a machine LOL!)

I choose to make my workouts stress free/kid free and not let it feel like a chore!  Or let it feel like you are multi tasking that most of us moms are pretty amazing at!  My kids are home sleeping and I'm on vacation, it's my treat for the day! 

This is one fitness tip from me that will change your life if you are in this struggle.  Stress free workouts are so good for you!  Make them work to your advantage and everyone gets the benefits!

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