Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eat More Than You Think You Should

More than likely if you have started a new "diet" "healthy eating" "fitness lifestyle" "eating clean" whatever you want to call it, chances are you could be eating more. It seems to happen this way but we ALWAYS tend to OVER EAT the bad stuff and UNDER EAT the good stuff.  Just because you decide to clean up your diet should not mean to restrict calories.  Yes, we need to restrict french fries, cupcakes, loaded cheeseburgers from In-N-Out but not calories that come from healthy foods.  There is a difference.

If you were eating 2,000+ calories which is including the bad stuff and then decide to make a healthy change, you just need to trade the bad stuff for the good stuff.  You can still keep your calories somewhat high eating good stuff and you will still lose weight.

For some reason 1200 calories seems to be the magic number for calories consumed and weight loss.  Regardless if a person is 5'9" and someone else is 5'3"…… 1200 just seems to always be the magic number.  WHY?  I don't care what your size/shape/height/weight is, 1200 calories especially if you are working out is not sustainable for most people and eventually leads to old eating habits and weight re-gain almost EVERY time!  Our bodies need fuel, vitamins, minerals and more to give us energy and this must come from food.  

Adding in 200-300 calories more of healthy eats to your diet is actually pretty easy and will not give you negative results.  It can be done simply by adding in 50-100 calories more at each meal or snack.  Doing this will not only keep your body from thinking it's starving and clinging
on to stubborn fat but it will also give you more energy for your day.  An extra 200-300 calories should keep you feeling satisfied and full so we don't end up feeling like we are starving and grabbing things out of hunger that aren't exactly healthy……..this leads to over eating the bad stuff.

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