Thursday, February 13, 2014

Double Your Calorie Burn On Valentines Day…(wink, wink)

Burn some extra calories on you V-DAY and make tomorrow a Leg Day!  Here is the agenda but customize it to fit your liking!  Pick a basic EXERCISE and do 12 reps, THEN pick an ACTIVE REST and do it immediately following your lift set for 45 seconds, THEN pick an AB exercise and do a set of 15……….catch your breath and move on to the next combo of your choice: exercise, active rest and ab.  After you have completed all 5 exercises paired with an active rest and ab, do it all again
2-3 more time depending on how much time you have.  FOR EXAMPLE: I would pick squats and do 12 reps, immediately go in to squat jumps for 45 seconds and then right into heel touches for 15 reps on each side, catch my breath.  NEXT set- Lying Leg Curls for 12 reps, go right into MTN. Climbers for 45 seconds, then right into bicycle crunches for 15 each side.  ETC…..

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