Wednesday, February 19, 2014


SNACKS…. my food in between meals.  Just to give you some ideas: 

-LITE string cheese by Sargento, the best tasting I have found.  Granny smith apple, I like the tart taste.  Quest Bar.  

-PLAIN non-fat Greek yogurt, I like the Kirkland brand (Costco).  Sweetened with Stevia in the raw.  Natural trail mix: cashews, almonds, cranberries, yogurt chips, and wild blueberries (Costco). 

-Cottage cheese.  Small banana.  Almond Butter. Cinnamon

-Brown rice cakes.  and MY FAVORITE…..smoked deer jerky.  One of the leanest meats you can get.  My husband is quite the outdoors guy and a MASTER smoker.  I get the jerky made almost every Sunday :)

Notice every meal has a protein source, carb and a couple with healthy fats.  Veggies happen in all my regular meals.

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