Sunday, October 20, 2013



Can you really gain 5 pounds over the weekend?  YES, you can!  BUT, is it 5 pounds of FAT or just 5 pounds of weight?

The weekends.  We all have them.  We all are in charge of how we choose to spend our own weekends.  It could be a very casual relaxed stay at home most of the weekend and things don't get too crazy.  Some weekends we may venture out a little more.  And we all need to have those kind of weekends in my own personal opinion because it is healthy for our bodies both physically and mentally!  Wether it is going out to dinner, date night, girls night, movies with a diet coke, popcorn add butter in addition to the dinner you just had 45 minutes ago.  Or for some a weekend involves a vacation.  We all splurge a bit more on the weekends.  It's fun and it's good for us to have fun!  But how many step on the scale Sunday night or Monday morning and see that you GAINED 5 POUNDS!?!  S%&@......and then the guilt hits and you beat yourself up, WWHHYYYY?????

Before you start making diet plans for Monday to not eat, or all liquids diet, 3 day detox, or I can not touch one carb or any bread for 3 days, or nothing to eat after 6pm.  Please understand, you may have put on 5 pounds of WEIGHT and this is not the same as 5 pounds of FAT!!!

It takes 3500 calories to gain 1 pound of fat.  So, for you to gain 5 pounds of fat, that is: 
3500 X 5 = 17,500 calories
 in addition to your normal calorie intake.

So, now you must realize that didn't happen.  That is a heck of a lot of food.  The 5 pound weight gain you are seeing on the scale is that you ate junk food or more food that contains a lot of simple carbs AKA sugars which are stored in your body as water.  Think soda, cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, pizza, prepared food, sauces, sweets, potatoes, pasta, and candy.  Sound like one of those weekends we all have sometimes?!  So you probably feel bloated, bulky, and maybe your pants are even a little tighter than normal.  This is all excess water weight from simple carb overload.

  Simple carbs/sugars lack vitamins, fiber, and minerals and really only give us immediate energy.  They  cause a spike in our blood sugar and then you crash and it takes your mood right along with you.  Ever notice when you eat a bigger than normal meal, example: Thanksgiving Dinner....lots of carbs in that meal always.  Breads, stuffing, rolls, pies, potatoes, sauces, gravy etc., and then all you want to do is take a big nap?  Yep, been there.  That is when your body has been flooded with too much sugar all at once and it uses what it needs and then the rest gets stored away.  You are awake and eating feeling great and then 30-60 minutes later you are ready to go to sleep for the rest of the day and you never want to look at food again.  Eating like this too often will easily put your calories up there over the 3500 range and thats when it gets converted to fat!  Especially if you eat too many simple carbs too often without doing any sort of exercise to help burn off some of those extra calories.

So more than likely you had a weekend with a little extra treats and step on the scale to see 5 pounds of extra weight, NOT fat!  The simple solution to this 5 pound weight gain is just get right back on your plan of healthy eating and drink LOTS of water.  Within a few days you will drop the extra water and you will be right back where you are supposed to be.  So next time you fluctuate 3-5 pounds in one or two days you know that it can't possibly be fat pounds.  Don't get discouraged and stay calm.  Fluctuations are a normal part of a fitness lifestyle and you should not let it affect your determination to continue making healthy choices no matter what the scale says. And for the love, ditch the damn scale!  It is your enemy not your friend.  The scale is the most irrelevant statistic of your health. It will never give you honest and fair results!  The scale CANNOT differentiate what's muscle, what's fat, or what's water!!!  If you can, put the scale out of sight and don't touch it for one month.  If you can't do that then you are letting that number control you too much.  Weighing yourself once a month is good enough.  To be honest with you, I have not weighed myself for almost one year.  All it takes is for me to slip into some pants and if they feel a little off then that tells me I need to step up my game.


  1. This was perfect and exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for bringing me down to reality.

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  3. This has really helped me tonight as I was seriously freaking out. Thank you.

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