Friday, October 4, 2013

Super Slimming Tea

I'm pretty sure they wanted to name this something besides 'Super Slimming Tea' but had to be more appropriate and professional because I shit you not (no pun intended, LOL!) you definitely end up feeling a little slimmer after its use.

What is this tea all about?  Just read the little circle there in the middle of the  picture....*CLEANSING & DETOXIFICATION*  Basically, this makes you regular and then some!  It is all natural and caffeine free which is great for the no caffeine because you will WANT to and SHOULD drink this stuff as you are doing your nightly routine.  It's better to let it work its magic while you are sleeping and hopefully its over with the minute you open your eyes and make that first trip to the bathroom.  You drink this in the morning or afternoon I'm pretty sure you will spend your day/afternoon/evening in the bathroom. 

Some people like to add a sweetener to their cup of tea but I think it is just fine by itself.  I like to drink one serving at night whenever I just feel yucky, had a big meal for dinner, or Sunday night because my diet is a little too lenient on the weekends and I just feel bloated.  My husband also gets into this stuff.  I have never met someone who is so paranoid about not going #2 and if he doesn't at least 847,589,934 times in a day he gets all butt hurt ( LOL!!! I'm laughing at my own jokes) about it and will also drink this stuff (good thing he doesn't read any of my stuff, pretty sure he would kill me right now).  He is also a hunter and you know how your bowels can get shy when you are vacationing and I couldn't imagine being in the mountains for a week at a time and have to use the bushes, trees, and leaves for toilet paper, I'm sure I would be backed up too.  This stuff saves his life when he gets home.  

I have had all different kinds of experiences with it.  Most of the time I wake up and just have a peaceful visit to the John J. Crapper-did you know that this is truly the name of the guy who helped improve the flushing toilet as it was being invented?  Well, his first name was Thomas but mistakenly got called John.  Anyways, I have had mornings where I feel like Harry from Dumb and Dumber, you know the scene..... And sometimes it just lingers in my guts for part of the morning and my belly just doesn't feel the best because it is literally cleansing and detoxifying.  It really just depends on what I ate the day before. But I will say you feel less bloated and your tummy is flatter after it is all said and done (this whole post is so awkward talking about, FYI) Many people like to use it that have a hard time going to the bathroom or can not get on a regular schedule.  For some people they use it to maintain their weight in a healthy way.  You have to follow the directions thoroughly.  Alright, enough of that crap! HA HA...

I purchase my Super Slimming Tea at Good Earth anywhere between $3.00-$5.00.  You can find this at any health food store I'm sure.  Triple Leaf Tea makes a variety of Ancient Chinese Medicinal teas all with great health benefits besides this one too.  This is great stuff if you need it for its purpose, IT WORKS!  And that is also your warning label too because it doesn't come with one.  


  1. Haley, you make me laugh. :-D I am going to try this stuff out. Love the blog!

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