Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Supplement with Cellucor

Most may know that I am an affiliate with Cellucor which means they provided me with a code (HALEYA)  for family/friends/followers to use at checkout  that will allow them to receive 20% off their total purchase and free shipping.  May I just say FAST free shipping, 2 days at most.....usually!  Cellucor is a supplement company that has many amazing products to add to your training.  I am especially fond of their BCAAs, I absolutely love them! Before a workout and after, they just do wonders for your muscles and recovery.  They taste amazing too.  To be honest, Cellucor has the best flavors of every product they sale.  For their pre-workouts, BCAAs, and now the new SuperHD in powder....its like drinking a jolly rancher!    

Cellucor just got done with a very successful weekend at the Olympia in Las Vegas.  The Olympia is like the Super Bowl in the fitness industry.  Men and Women train their guts out all year long to step on that stage!  They also award supplement companies for their products.  Cellucor took home the win for their pre-workout C4 for Supplement of the year!  That is a pretty big deal considering how many supplement companies out there offer pre-workouts!!

Cellucor also took the win for Breakout supplement of the year with their COR-Performance Whey Protein.  Their protein powder comes in 6 flavors and I have LOVED every one I have tried.  Cinnamon Swirl (probably my favorite) 
Peanut Butter Marshmallow
Whipped Vanilla (so great for cooking with)
Molten Chocolate
Strawberry Milkshake
Cookies and Cream
Anyone can take advantage of the 20% off and free shipping anytime, just use my code at checkout: HALEYA
Visit WWW.Cellucor.Com
or call in for easy order:
They have many products, so go to their site and check it all out.


  1. Hey, please advice1 I just started taking prohormone supplement to increase my stamina for work outs. Is it effective? My gym instructor told me to take this supplement in daily life.

    1. Hi Darcy!!! I am SO SO sorry that I am just now seeing your question. I usually get emailed about questions or asked on my Instagram. I am actually not familiar with PROHORMONE. I only know people use it to gain muscle size and strength. Also that is just a legal form of steroids/testosterone. I have never seen it or ever taken it, nor know anyone who has. Sorry I am not much help with hour questions. You can email me if you have other questions about supplements I take which are by Cellucor.

  2. My friend has started taking cellucor and she said it has been great. I've been trying to exercise more and I think I would like to try cellucor. I think it will really help with my workouts.

    Susan Hirst |

    1. Hi Susan, if you have any questions about Cellucor or which Cellucor products to take feel free to email me


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