Monday, October 14, 2013


What are DIAGONAL LUNGES?  These are your basic forward lunges except you step out diagonally instead of straight forward.  As with any type of lunge you are working that quad and glute but the benefits of this type of lunge is that hard to reach outer thigh area.  Doing this lunge also engages your core as you have to have balance while doing them.  

These can be done on all levels.  As you learn and feel comfortable doing them then you can make it more challenging by adding weight (holding dumbbells at your sides) and maybe even start walking as you stride.  

How do you do this exercise? 

1- stand with your feel slightly apart
2- instead of stepping forward in a forward lunge, step forward but diagonally to the right so your right leg forms a 45-degree angle to your STRAIGHT left leg which stays straight and stable.
3- bring the lunging leg back to the starting position.
OR 4- if you are walking and diagonal lunging, bring the stable leg to meet your lunging leg and now it's the stable legs turn to lunge.

***and to keep our knees safe and correct form, as always with any lunge, try and not let your knees go over your toes when you are down in a lunge position.

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