Tuesday, April 4, 2017


S.H.R.I.M.P -what to know: EAT IT.

They are LOW in calories.  7 calories to be exact in one Medium size shrimp.  So a dozen is still lower than 85 calories.   Wish I could say that about a dozen donuts.... anyway, 12 shrimp is a little bit less in calories than a thick 3oz piece of chicken = a small deck of cards.

They are HIGH in Protein.  About 20g of protein in a 3oz. portion.

NUTRITIONAL benefits.  Selenium value almost 100% of your daily needs.  B12 is 75%+.  Antioxidants, which we forget that animal proteins give us antioxidants but shrimp contain TWO kinds.  These help with immunity, thyroid function, premature aging and disease and reduce inflammation! REDUCE inflammation?!?? Yes Please.

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