Monday, April 10, 2017

MMWU after Spring Break

MMWU:  I don't know about you but if you just had Spring Break like we did and stayed home with kids ( I had one recovering from a tonsillectomy) it felt like, FOR-EV-ER.  FOR-EV-ER. ( said in the Sandlot voice ).

ANYWAY, lets gets to sweating!  This is perfect for a little cardio and a way to fire up your muscles to start your week.  If you repeat this 2x you'll have a mile under your feet and that doesn't include the incline walking.

About that incline walking...... DO NOT hold on.  Power through 3 minutes as hard as you can go ( ugh, that just reminded me of my 'Y' mountain hike later today).

ENJOY this one!  Happy Monday.  #fithappens #mondaymotivation

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