Wednesday, February 3, 2016

muscle = metabolism

FACT: your body really DOES burn more calories maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat.

FACT: this means that YES, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day on its own.

FACT: building muscle DOES increase your metabolism.

The more muscle you lose on fad diets, the slower your metabolism will be.  If you've spent year after year following these diets- you're likely already experiencing this.

If you are one month in on your new year resolution and your scale weight is dropping fast, it's likely a FAD!  So how about we finally set aside all the hype of losing weight/fat loss and focus on what matters.  FUEL your body with healthy foods and plenty of it.

As we age, things start to slow down and things get droopy.  It's just part of life.  SO, do something about it now and forget the losing weight part!  Get your muscles fired up!  And guess what?!  You'll lose weight the healthy way while your at it.  #killingtwobirdswithonestone.  AND, you'll tighten things up.  #getitrightgetittight 

Muscle = Metabolism. 

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