Sunday, February 28, 2016

LIFT weights

Changes we will experience as we age are not all inevitable…. yes some of them may be.  But I happen to know a way that makes some of the aging issues become less of a bummer. 
 LIFT weights.

Don't ignore lifting weights because you feel it "doesn't apply" to you.  Lifting can seem like a vain thing that all the young bucks are doing to attract one another, or that women who want "that look" are doing…..but don't get so caught up in your doubt or perceptions that you skip out on the benefits it offers EVERYone.

Love or hate the way you think muscle looks- we all USE our muscles daily.  Don't ignore the fact that by NOT adding resistance training to your routine you are doing yourself and loved ones a disservice.  You're only slowly stripping away your future independence.

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