Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SORE? to workout or not to workout

Its been a brief moment since I've done a good ol' pull-up AND then I was super smart and did 4 ( assisted ) rounds of 20 last Saturday……that is 80 pull ups too much.  To say that I can I barely move my arms/lat area is putting it mildly.

I did a little run yesterday to get the rest day kinks out and to awaken me from my food coma from the weekend #super50 I was even sore just to run.  The jiggling around of my upper body had me like .

So in this situation when you are SORE…..Should you workout or should you not?  YES!  You Workout!  Though it may seem not agreeable with what seems right or natural but exercising with sore muscles speeds recovery.

No that doesn't mean I go do pull ups or attend the "C" word BUT it does mean you opt for gentle workouts that boost blood flow, like low intensity cardio or yoga.  This will send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your muscles to get the healing process going.

This situation is different if you haven't taken a rest day in weeks and are feeling terrible.  Take a day off.  You are over training and you need a break.  Know the difference between dull muscle pain and  actual injury.  In my case, I know I am fairly active and my pain was nothing to be worried about.  I just needed to get the blood flowing.  

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