Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Cellucor has released a new flavor:


This is C4 which is a pre-workout.  Take it before a workout to give you energy, endurance and what it takes to push through your workouts, lift more weight and get in a few extra reps!  C4 has won many awards including Pre-Workout supplement of the year.

This product may make you feel tingly or sometimes itchy when you feel it kicking in….that is normal and will fade away.  What I love about this supplement is first, the flavors it offers are very delicious; Watermelon and Green Apple being my favorites.  Fruit Punch being my least favorite.  But there are 11 to choose from.  My 2nd favorite thing about C4 is it makes me sweat.  There is nothing like a good ol' sweaty workout that will leave you feeling like you accomplished something!

As always, on any CELLUCOR product you ALWAYS get 20% OFF your total purchase and when you sign in (for future orders to make it a quicker checkout process) you will also get FREE shipping.

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