Tuesday, April 29, 2014


NEW FLAVORS!!! I can not wait to make pancakes and waffles with these flavors…..
can you even imagine?!?

What I love about Cellucor Whey compared to others, is the good ol' nutrition facts!!

-TOTAL FAT- 1.5g

I'm going to go ahead and say you drink protein drinks for the protein right???  I hate when I see a protein powder out there and it has very little protein in it…. 15g and under is too low for me and when the carbs are high it steers me away too.  I would rather eat my delicious carbs!  I love that Cellucor allows me to add in carbs on the side to meet my needs.  I love to put berries, bananas, spinach etc… in my shakes.  And you all know I love pancakes and waffles made with this stuff so it allows me to have oats for the baking.  Oats are not the lowest carb source.  So the protein powder with my carbs of choice really fills me up the right way.  Then sugar…. it would be nice to have zero grams of sugar in all foods especially protein powder.  When I see a powder with more than 3g I choose otherwise.  Cellucor nails it… 1 Gram of sugar is pretty amazing!  Then there is the flavors.  Cellucor does an amazing job when it comes to the flavors of their products!  They pretty much nail it on the head.  The best part is the taste of their whey.  It doesn't leave a chalky flavor or taste like your typical protein shake.  They can get pretty thick and frothy depending on the extras you add.  The best I have had!

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