Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Morning Supplements

Here is my morning supplements lately.  First thing out of bed I drink 1 scoop of N-Zero Extreme which gives enough time to kick in by the time I am dressed, teeth brushed and out the door I am feeling some energy when I get to the gym and start my workout.  I prefer the Fruit Punch to the Orange for flavor.

During my workout I sip on 1 scoop of Alpha Aminos for hydration, endurance and helps with muscle soreness.  AMAZING stuff!!!  I especially love this stuff on my non-lifting cardio days.  Keeps my thirst quenched and keeps me going.  I love the Icy Blue Razz flavor. 

I love to sip on BCAAs during my lifting workouts.  They help with energy, prevents muscle loss and most importantly like the aminos, it helps with muscle recovery!  Watermelon is my favorite flavor of the BCAAs.

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