Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why Sprints

I posted about sprints on the track yesterday!  If you have ever done sprints on the ground compared to doing them on a treadmill, then you know there is a HUGE difference.

Sprinting = running as fast as you possibly can.  On a track I usually sprint the straightaway and walk the curve.  

Here is why I think Sprints are one of the best fat burning exercises you can do:

Sprints work your entire body at 100% intensity for prolonged periods of time.

EPOC= or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  Results from the oxygen deficit you created during those sprints.  Basically your body has to work really hard to bring it back to its normal state post exercise.  And because of this, you burn extra calories during that process.

Sprints burn lots and lots of calories.

It builds muscle.  Yep it does, without using weight as the resistance.  Any exercise that places maximal resistance upon the muscles has the potential to build muscle.  The End.

Sprints are my fave!!  

Sprint regularly.

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