Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hyperextensions and SPRINTS

Hey, I just wanted to share how I have been finishing up my BACK workouts lately:

Round ONE
3 SPRINTS at 11.0mph of :30 on :30 off.  Incline set at 1%. ( 3 total mins on the tread ).

Hyperextensions 1x15 holding a weight plate ( this exercise is for low back, hammies and glutes…if your glutes don't set on fire by the last few reps you're doing it wrong).

Round TWO
3 SPRINTS at 10.5mph of :30 on :30 off.  Incline set at 3%.

Hyperextensions 1x15.

3 Sprints at 10.0mph of :30 on :30 off.  Incline set at 5%.

Hyperextensions 1x15

Round FOUR
3 Sprints at 10.mph of :40 on :20 off.  Incline set at 1%.

Hyperextensions 1x15

When finished, you should have completed 4 sets of Hypers and 12 sprints.  There you have HIIT style training.  Now enjoy all those extra calories you will burn post workout because of it. 

As always, ADJUST speeds to fit YOU. 

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