Friday, March 11, 2016

Leg Strength + PLYOS

Leg Strength + PLYOS:  Do each circuit 3x before moving to the next.

Plyos are my favorite form of cardio.

For myself, I like to pair a weighted exercise with a plyo move.  WHY?! You trick your muscles into overfiring.  Doing a weighted exercise and then immediately following it up with the same movement without weight ( for example, squats and squat jumps in circuit 1) the muscles of your legs will still fire as though they have that weight from the squats on your back.

The 1st exercise in all the circuits are done with weight x15 reps.

The 2nd exercise is your PLYO done with body weight x20 reps.

The 3rd exercise is there because GLUTES.  It's done with bodyweight and for 60 seconds.  Just to make it burn a little more. 

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