Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cellucor VS Groupon

I have been emailed/texted about this C4 Pre-workout GROUPON deal asking me which is the better deal?  The GROUPON (pic on the left) or using my code on the CELLUCOR site (pic on right).  The difference is you SAVE more money on the CELLUCOR site.  GROUPON is selling two 30 serving tubs at $44.99.  You can order a 60 serving tub for $39.99 on CELLUCOR and save even more money and still get the FREE shipping with my discount- HALEYA

This also goes for the C4 you see at Costco.  Same price as the C4 you get on CELLUCOR. I think there is a $1 difference.  The only downside about the C4 from Costco is that you are stuck drinking the only flavor Costco offers which is Fruit Punch and fruit punch happens to be my least favorite of all the C4 flavors.

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