Saturday, March 15, 2014


ALPHA AMINOS……not even sure where to begin about this stuff….AMAZING!!!  I have always loved my BCAAs and always will.  I still drink them during my lifting workouts but have been finding myself sneaking in a half scoop of ALPHAS with them because I am convinced they are magic!  Saturday is a longer cardio/no weights (running) for me and one scoop of ALPHA AMINOS goes in my water bottle that I drink throughout my run.  My endurance, the flavor and most of all- I DO NOT GET DEHYDRATED!!  They are like a Gatorade X1000 but without all the sugars and carbs.  This stuff is naturally powered by chia seeds and raw coconut and I will let you read about the rest from the picture or go here ALPHA AMINOS and get the full scoop.  This stuff is for everyone! 
 Even my husband is hooked!  He drinks it during his day and loves it for all day long baseball tournaments.  I think we went through a whole tub between him and his team last weekend in Mesquite….go check it out!  As always you will get 20% off plus FREE  shipping on any cellucor product with my code HALEYA

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