Thursday, May 4, 2017


TGIF >>> #FITHAPPENSfriday is here.  The perfect workout to jump start your weekend.



FOUR minutes of cardio.  Your choice.  I am going with the treadmill and will alternate between a minute of an uncomfortable pace followed by a recovery pace ( no walking ).

THREE exercises for strength.  Which all moves can be done right behind your cardio machine.  It's up to you if you want to add weights to any of the exercises.  *^* notice there is one set of exercises that you do for your 1st & 3rd round.  The other set you will do for rounds 2 & 4.

TWO exercises for core.  30 reps of an ab exercise of choice.  Then a 1 minute plank hold.

ONE minute high intensity.  These are done back to back with no rest.  So for one minute straight you are moving.  REPEAT.  Be sure to do alternate the strength exercises for what round you're on.    #fithappens #tgif

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