Friday, April 1, 2016


So I may be late to the Versa Gripps game, but after only a few workouts I am winning!

The other day I was doing Deadlifts and my grip/hands were giving out and my forearms were on FIRE!!!  I tried to wrap a towel around the bar on my last set and that did absolutely no good.  Duh.

With the strap around your wrist that the takes the pressure out of your grip.  The part that wraps around the dumbbell or bar has this cool sticky/grippy material.  That part also protects your hands…mine are currently a little rough and tough since I don't use gloves. UGH!   That part is also what makes these Versa Gripps AWESOME.  You don't really have to hold onto to the Bar or DB.  They  just stick in there.

Basically, these take all the pressure out of your hands and you can work the muscle being worked without your grip giving out first.  My first day wearing them I pulled back 40+ pounds more on my seated cable rows.  I used my hands hardly at all.  My back did all the work.

And do I need to mention mine are camo…. LOVE!!!  They also have pink ladies.  You won't regret getting a pair.  


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