Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Up your Protein and Fill Up on Veggies

Having a good balance of protein, complex carbs, and lots and lots of veggies will do your body a world of good.  Also, don't forget the healthy fats too.  So many benefits come with high quality protein, like chicken, turkey, and low-fat/fat free PLAIN Greek yogurt: it contains amino acids, which help muscles recover after workouts.  That is also why it is great to increase your protein when you are working out to help those torn muscles recover faster.  I also am a huge fan of getting a serving of protein through protein shakes.  I love sneaking in spinach and avocados to them!  My favorite tasting protein powder out there is by Cellucor.  They have many different flavors and they are also great to cook with.  Upping you protein will keep you more satisfied, less hungry and help you lose weight.  Your body doesn't store protein like it does fat.   

Vegetables…..I don't think we ever eat enough of them.  Filling up on vegetables is a great way to reach fullness and they contain so little calories.  They are filled with nutrients, water and fiber.  If you fill half of your plate with veggies, you'll get fuller faster and cut down on your calories without feeling deprived.  Use herbs and spices to your veggies instead of butter and/or salt to flavor them.  My favorite spices are Mrs. Dash.  They are salt free and come in 10+ different yummy flavors!

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