Friday, December 6, 2013

FAQ- "Weight training doesn't feel as intense as my usual cardio"

I get emails from followers that ask me questions for tips/advice etc., so I thought I would answer some questions on my blog and Instagram that I get asked more than once because maybe they are questions you have or are curious about as well.  First of all, if you are someone who has asked me a question and I end up posting about it, DO NOT feel stupid.  I will never reveal names.  Instead of feeling stupid you should feel awesome because I am pretty positive that you are helping people out! I really enjoy and appreciate all the questions that I get.

"Weight training doesn't feel as intense as my usual cardio"

When the person that mentioned this to me in an email I responded by asking how much weight are you lifting on a bicep curl?  She replied and told me she does 3 sets of 15 reps using dumbbells between 5-8lbs.  Then I asked her is she finishing all three sets without a struggle for the last 10-15 reps?  She said she feels a "burn" but she is able to complete all 3 sets of 15 reps.  I replied and said that is your problem right there.  

If you want your weight training to feel intense like your cardio then you need to pick a weight that causes you to reach fatigue or failure.  Feeling a "burn" is not fatigue.  Struggling to get those last few reps in is failure/fatigue.  That is intense!!  When I am on my last set of squats I honestly get nervous when I go down for my last rep that I might not make it back up.  There is no point in doing a lot of reps of any exercise if you don't feel resistance.  The whole idea behind weight training is to challenge your muscles and make them change the shape of your body.  Women get this idea that if they push their muscles to work hard with weights that they will get "bulky."  If you keep eating clean while lifting it will never happen.

Women do not naturally have a lot of muscle like men do.  When you create muscle it will take the place of existing body fat.  And since muscle is much smaller, denser tissue than fat, it will cause a women's body to appear smaller, tighter, and more shapely. When weight training is done right, it can feel just as intense as any cardio workout.  You can get your heart pumping and you can sweat doing weight training.

In the end it all comes down to diet which will help you lose weight and then resistance training will change your shape.  Doing long cardio sessions (45-60 mins+) does help with fat loss but you are breaking down your existing tissue.....leaving you with a soft skinny fat look.  Weight training gives you confidence that cardio alone will not.  Get your diet under control and lift weights to create lean muscles.  Always remember, that after your hour long steady cardio session the calorie burning stops when you stop.  Lift some weights and tear some muscles to get your body burning calories for 48 hours after you stop.  Your body has to work hard to repair those muscles.   

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