Tuesday, October 4, 2016

quad focused workout.

Heeeeeey you guuuuuuys!!!! How does a QUAD FOCUSED workout today sound?!?  And then, we can hit a HAMSTRING FOCUSED workout on Thursday?!?  I think that sounds like a great plan.

So here you go..... Quads.  

But let's talk about 'Drop Sets'  drop sets on the leg extension machine is done with no particular rep set in mind.  Just start out heavier than normal and do as many reps as you can.  When you feel like flames are literally going to start coming out your legs, stop, lighten the weight one notch, and do it again.  You are only stopping long enough to adjust the weight and then get right back to work.  Work your way all the way down the stack doing as many reps as you can stand at each weight.    Down to the 10 pound weight.  You will be like, " this is ridiculous that ten lbs is hurting this bad!"  

ENJOY........ #fithappens #dropsets #killer

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