Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Women think will happen!

I bought my first gym pass in 2004.  I am coming up on 10 years of being pretty consistent about making a trip to the gym almost daily.  I use to be 70% cardio and 15% weights and 15% abs.  I would say all those %'s have traded places.  I am definitely 70% weights now.  When I really started lifting heavy is when those stubborn fatty areas actually got smaller.  Back in the day I thought running for 60 minutes was supposed to do that.  I have learned so much over the last few years about our bodies and nutrition.  Our bodies are so scientific and like machines, it's kind of cool.

Women need to get the misconception of lifting heavy weights will cause you to bulk up and you CAN NOT look like the lady in the left picture unless you are A) taking drugs B) using artificial hormones C) using training methods for maximum muscle mass gain and D) eating more food per meal than you eat all day!!!  ( I couldn't imagine the dedication it would take to accomplish something like the lady in the left has done.  I have much respect for her!)  STOP worrying and load up a barbell!

Ladies, you must lift weights!  No matter what your goals may be, you will get the most benefits out of lifting weights.  I'm not talking 5lb dumbbells....think about it- our kids weigh more than 5 lbs and your bags of groceries and I can guarantee most of our purses exceed 5 lbs by far LOL!  I LOVE weights for many reasons: 1- weight training burns more calories in an hour compared to 1 hour of steady cardio 2-weight training will keep your body burning calories up to 48 hrs after your workout and 3- muscle burns more calories while resting.  So, 1-2 hrs on a treadmill followed by 1,000 crunches and low calorie diets should never be your idea of what fitness is about.  Head over to the dumbbells and barbells and learn to LOVE exercise and your body!!

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