Sunday, September 29, 2013

Are you ready for a new week of working out and healthy eating? Well, you are now...

When it comes to exercising, nothing is better than having your workout all written up and ready to go.  You know exactly what the plan is and that can be very motivating.  It's like showing up to the grocery store with a list to buy stuff for Hawaiian haystacks one night and chicken enchiladas for another.  Lots of ingredients go into those meals and it doesn't turn out perfect if you forget anything; rice, cheese, sour cream, chow mien noodles, green onions, olives, tortillas, etc.  When I make a grocery list I stick to the list and I don't waste time thinking of what I need or making 7 trips back to the same aisle because I remembered something else.  Having a list makes my grocery trip fast and efficient.  That is how your gym workouts should be.  Can you imagine going to your favorite gym class with an instructor that isn't prepared?  You rely on your instructor/trainer to give you a good workout right? Do you think your instructor just wings it?  Maybe the well experienced ones can wing some of the workout, but it would be hard to wing it for an hour without any hesitations and keep you in the zone.  They go in with a written out game plan to give you an awesome workout.

I find that when I prepare the night before and have my workout saved to the notes on my phone, I waste less time in the gym, I am more focused, more motivated, and usually the workouts leave me feeling accomplished!  I like walking into the gym knowing exactly what's on the agenda.  I love having a list and being the list.  I hate going in with no plan......."ok, today I am going to train triceps, back, and shoulders....Which one should I do first?  What would be a good exercise to group with tricep kickbacks?  How many exercises should I do for each muscle?" I can tell you when this happens, I end up just going through the motions and my workouts are not that great.

I was thinking it would be cool to start writing weekly workout plans for you!  How nice would it be to have Monday thru Friday all written up and ready to go? You may even find that you have a little more motivation to go to the gym too.  I know from experience how convenient it is to be prepared ahead of time. I personally would LOVE for someone to email me a legit workout for every day of the week that covers all the major muscle groups.........AWESOME!!

So what I have done is typed up a 5-day workout plan that you can purchase for $5.  That is one dollar per workout.  You will get two days of lower body to cover quads, inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, and the booty.  One day for back and abs.  One day for Chest/Shoulders/Triceps. And one day for Biceps and more abs.  Each workout has reps and sets listed.  And either HIIT cardio or Steady State cardio is suggested following each workout and the duration for each.  If you are uncertain of an exercise, google is great for providing pictures/descriptions.  I also suggest for another source to explain and show you certain exercises.

Also, I am no nutritionist but I know a little about healthy eating and proper foods to fuel your body with.  I have written up a one day meal plan that consists of 6 meals (one includes a post workout shake) and the calorie, protein, carb, and fat breakdown of each meal.  I am not a picky eater and eating the same thing every day for one week does not bother me.  This lets me buy what I need for the entire week and use what I buy.  This way food usually doesn't go to waste and end up in the trash.  this allows me to cook things in bulk or freeze for ready to go meals.  Then at the start of a new week,  you move onto a new meal plan.  The meal plan I provide is simply a suggestion or to give you an idea.  It is nothing fancy.  If you know me at all, I am NOT a cook.  When I come across a recipe that starts calling for all these fancy spices, ingredients, cooking methods etc., I lose interest real fast.  Sometimes even seeing a recipe call for baking powder is just too much work for me and I move on to the next recipe.  I like SIMPLE!  I season most things with Mrs. Dash (salt free) and thats about as fancy as it gets.  So that being said, if gourmet and fancy is your cooking style, this meal plan is not for you.  I am throwing this meal plan in with the workout for $2.

So for $7.00 you can have 5 workouts and a day meal plan that covers six meals you can use for a week!  The BUY NOW button is linked directly to PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase) and the 5-day workout and meal plan will be available for immediate download and/or emailed to you.  This way you can print it off from your computer or pull it up right on your phone.


**I am also available to train you personally and you can even bring a friend! I would love to help you learn all about weight training.  Rates are up top in the contact section.

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  1. First time reader here! I found your blog from Hubby Jack's! I'd LOVE to see a Monday-Friday workout plan so I don't have to think about it! I'm four months post-partum and I've got 16 pounds to lose to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. With being a full-time mama, the only time I have to work out is at lunch...lucky for me, I have a gym here at the office! Knowing exactly what my workout will be each day would be awesome!