Monday, September 23, 2013


I am a certified personal trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA-CPT) and I created Fit Happens in 12-Weeks training program utilizing the ISSA periodized training principles.  Training with a periodized plan helps to keep your regimen from becoming boring and prevents injury.  The program is split into 3 phases that are all 4 weeks long.  Each phase will be given instructions on what the intended goals are.  I assembled this program for you to spend the least amount of time in the gym, yet still have effective workouts.  I recognize that people who actually find time to incorporate workouts in their busy life are serious about working out and just want to get in the gym and get out.  Especially for people like me, a mother!  I want to show you that you don’t have to live in the gym or workout for 2 hours to get a body that is right for you!  

I have found that nothing is better than having your workout planned out for you when you walk in the gym.  Instead of going in with no game plan and wandering aimlessly, you waist time and the workouts seem not as productive.  So I have done all the work for you and have planned out 12 whole weeks of workouts!  Just print the page off or pull it up right on your phone.  The workouts will have you burning the most calories and fat in the least amount of time.  We will do that by including active rest and supersets to keep your heart rate elevated.  And don't worry, if you don't know what active rest is or what a superset is, everything is described in the program.  The workouts are structured to take you on average an hour or so to complete and this includes the cardio that is instructed at the end of your workouts.  

This program does require you to have access to a gym.  Unless you are equipped at home with a complete home gym.  The workouts will require benches, exercise balls, weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, cable machines, squat racks, smith machines, etc.  

What do you get in the Fit Happens in 12-week training program?  You get 3 months worth of workouts with a cardio plan.  Many different HIIT routines you can choose from using a treadmill, elliptical, or stair master.  A complete recommended food list guide from all food groups, a basic nutritional guide to follow, 2 day sample meal plan, recommended supplements, tips for grocery store shopping, how to calculate your BMR to know how many calories you should be eating per day to gain or lose weight, other fitness tips, and ways to stay motivated.  How much is the program?  You can purchase Fit Happens in 12-week training program for $55.00.  It will be done through paypal and you do not have to have a paypal account to purchase.  The 42 page document will be emailed right to you directly after your purchase is made.  This makes it available for you to print off the program from a computer or have it right to your phone.

This is a great program to keep on hand.  It is perfect to have when you are ready to kick it in gear as summer is approaching or just to have when you are scrambling for a workout.  Better yet, perfect if you are just getting started and learning your way around the weight room!  Nothing in the program is over the top and tricky.  All exercises are basic and if you are still unsure of what an exercise is you can go to or simply google the exercise and a video or picture will instruct you on what it is.  I want this program to change your life and that your fitness journey doesn’t end when the 12 weeks is up.  I hope you learn a lot about your body over the 12-week program and that it becomes your new everyday lifestyle.  Give this program 100% effort and you will be amazed at the transformation your body will make.  The goal is to shape your body and build beautiful lean muscles.  And above all to become physically fit and healthy.  It is going to take hard work, dedication, determination, discipline and most importantly PATIENCE!  There is no magic pill you can take to get your body to transform.  It is going to take breaking a sweat and clean eating to get you where you want to be.

I do believe that it takes 4 
weeks for you to see your body 
changing.  It takes 8 weeks for 
friends and family. And it takes 
12 weeks for the rest of the 

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